We, the members of United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova, will promote an environment that is nurturing, safe and secure for all that enter our church buildings. We take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for adults, youth, children and vulnerable adults who participate in our church ministries and programs. All adults, youth, children and visitors will be honored, respected and protected on our premises. We want all that come to our place of worship to experience a place where the love of God and fellow Christians surrounds and accepts them into our church family.

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures apply to paid staff and volunteers working with children and youth during any church sponsored program, event or ministry. All volunteers and employees who are in leadership roles shall commit themselves to a safe sanctuary policy for children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Children are defined as minors who are under the age of eighteen years of age. A vulnerable adult is an individual above the age of eighteen years whom, because of developmental disability, mental illness, or physical handicap, requires supervision. All paid staff upon entering employment with Rancho Cordova United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova will be required to have a background check paid for by the church.