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From: Elizabeth Brick

Today we engage the gospel of John in worship. Honestly, it is my least favorite of the gospels. It feels far removed, a bit fancy, and a bit hyperbolic. And it is strangely mystical. There is also bread. BREAD– a lot of bread in the book of John–crusty, fragrant, soft, yeasty, delicious, warm bread. Okay, so maybe some of it is unleavened, too.

Today we begin to unpack the role of bread and the concept of spiritual nourishment throughout the gospel of John. Today we get┬áin touch with our own hunger and our own need to be taught, to learn, to be fed. Today, we encounter water, too, brackish and stormy water. Today we encounter disciples, confused and clear– ever striving. All in that book: John.

And Jesus’ personhood and teaching are the keys to it all.

So, today and through August we’re in John and there will be bread and a crowd and fish and a miracle or two and stormy water and disciples.

Come, learn more, be fed, and breathe deeply.

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