What We Believe

Love god with all your heart, mind, Soul, and Strength
and Love your Neighbor as yourself.

The Great Commandment

our Beliefs

You do not have to believe every word of this page in order to be a part of our community. 
We are seekers. We are questioners. We are learning. We are growing.


We believe that there is one eternally existing God who
has three distinct persons:
God who is the sovereign source of all creation, often called Father, or Mother,
or Creator.
God, who is the Son, who is also called Jesus the Christ; and
God who is the Holy Spirit, the sustainer of all things and the breath of inspiration and comfort among us.  
God is relational, loving, and good.

Jesus The Christ

Jesus came to help us be in right- relationship with God and with each other. Jesus lived his life on earth, fully human and fully God, a powerful, prophetic, and healing example of God's love for the world. Because of the powers of Empire, Jesus died on the cross. By the power of God, Jesus was raised on the third day. Jesus' earthly life was a gift of  reconciliation, love, and healing for all who choose to seek him.
Everything Jesus did, he did for the love of God and for the salvation of humanity.

The Church

The Church is meant to be the visible body of Christ, sent into the world to love, serve, and glorify God through acts of worship, service, compassion, justice, and mercy. The church is called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and transform the world by its witness.


Humans are created in God's image for God's delight and glory.
Humans are diverse, beautiful, whole, and still flawed. People don't always get it "right," but we are ALL worthy of kindness, love, forgiveness, and compassion.
Each person is created with love
for love.


We believed that all questions and decisions can be discerned by measuring them against:  Scripture, Tradition, Reason,  & Experience. This method of discernment is called the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. We ask ourselves: What does Scripture say?  What does our Tradition tell us?  What does modern Reason dictate? And, finally, what is my lived Experience?  
Utilizing these questions together, we can answer many questions and find a foundation for our decision-making. 


We believe that all persons are welcome in our church regardless of race,  ethnicity,  physical ability, religious background, socio-economic status, gender identity, family configuration, or sexual orientation. We celebrate our diversity and believe that the Body of Christ reflects the diversity of God's presence in the world today.

Again, it is okay to wonder, doubt, and ask each other and the pastor questions!

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